Cambodia for Visual Storytellers

For the last three weeks I went on the adventure of a lifetime… I took a photography workshop called, “Cambodia for Visual Storytellers” by Gavin Gough and Jack Kurtz. This was designed for professional photographers wanting to branch out and learn how to shoot for magazine spreads like National Geographic and such. We covered three major stories. We visited Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh, where we learned about the country’s recent history with the Khmer Rouge. We then traveled to Battambang, to document rural life around the unique “Bamboo Railway”, and to the photogenic Angkor Wat temples. What I didn’t expect were the open hearts among the Cambodian people. Their eyes were warm and friendly. The Children probably got me the most! Living in poor conditions (to our standards) next to the bamboo railway were some of the friendliest happy little ones eager to take you by the hand to show and tell their village, or to hand you a hand-made grasshopper made from a long strand of grass. A group of us were lead into one of the brick kilns… and the lighting was breath-taking (wasn’t it?). In the next coming week, I will be posting more images from this adventure of a lifetime… and I welcome your comments and shares! Thank you for your love and support as always! These pictures are just a few to share for now… 🙂

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