Troy Ziel is a godsend. Not only is he smart, creative, clever, patient and flexible but he is easy going and warm to boot. No snotty attitude here just patience and care. He took my jumble of ideas for my first brochure in decades and decoded the real message making the brochure casual, information and hard hitting without being staid, commonplace and boring. We all know that brochures are a chore to read and get read quickly. I wish I could just tell people what I can do and have done but everyone wants proof. Troy is a mastermind of providing the proof, making me look good on paper.
He was great to consult with and looked at my ideas and options with respect. I never felt slighted or rushed. I highly recommend his services and he’s an excellent photographer to boot so you’ll have those capabilities as well. I want to use him for my website design as well. He helped me break the boundaries in a field filled with professional organizers to assist me in standing up and standing out.
Madison Kane
POB 193423
SF, CA. 94119

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